Options to achieve fuller or smoother lips

Plump, youthful lips never go out of style, but the aging process can leave them looking thin and lined. A skilled cosmetic surgeon can use one of many techniques to help you achieve smooth, voluptuous lips with a natural look. Keep reading to learn more.

Guide to Lip Enhancement

Lip enhancement includes a suite of procedures that add or restore volume to the lips and smooth vertical lines around the lips and mouth. While surgical procedures, such as lip implants, remain an option, cosmetic surgeons are increasingly using minimally invasive treatments to achieve very natural-looking results that can last for up to 1 year or longer. Learn more about your options to get the youthful, plump lips you desire:

  • Why consider lip enhancement?
  • What are my treatment options?
    • Dermal filler injections
    • Fat injections
    • Lip implants
  • Choosing a provider for lip enhancement

Why consider lip enhancement?

If you are bothered by the appearance of thin, lined or asymmetrical lips, cosmetic treatments can address your concerns and help you feel more confident in your smile. Specific changes that a skilled cosmetic surgeon can make through lip enhancement include:

  • Restore volume to thin or aging lips
  • Smooth vertical lip lines
  • Improve symmetry between the upper and lower lip
  • Refine the shape of thin or flat lips

What are my treatment options?

Cosmetic surgeons use a variety of approaches to help patients improve their lip appearance, ranging from temporary filler injections to lip implant surgery. Many patients choose to start with a temporary treatment and later progress to a longer-lasting treatment.

Fat injections

Autologous fat injections, also called fat grafting, use fat from another part of your body as a lip filler. Fat grafting typically involves liposuction surgery on a different area of the body, and the procedure can be done without incisions on the face or lips. Fat injections should only be performed by a qualified cosmetic surgeon with specialized training in fat transfer procedures. With such a provider, fat injections can achieve a beautiful augmented lip contour that looks and feels very natural and last for years.

Benefits of fat injections for the lips

  • Fat looks and feels very natural in the lips
  • Results can last for many years; once final results are achieved, you should not need to repeat treatment
  • Risk of allergic reaction is close to zero
  • No incisions are needed in the lips


  • Fat injections require a surgical component
  • A safe procedure and beautiful, natural results require a specially trained, highly experienced cosmetic surgeon
  • Several days of downtime may be required, depending on the extent of liposuction performed
  • Some injected fat may not survive in its new location, possibly requiring additional treatment to achieve the desired result
  • Unsatisfactory results can be difficult to reverse (prevent this by choosing a qualified cosmetic surgeon)