Fat Grafting for Lip Augmentation

Fat Transfer for Lips: Worth It?

I am going in for a revision Breast augmentation and a little Liposuction under my chin soon, and I’m would also like my lips augmentated. I was considering something like Juvederm, but since I’m going to be out, do you think it would be worth a fat transfer? Many reviews say a lot gets reabsorbed, but some of the results I have seen when its worked are gorgeous. I’m 27.

Doctor Answers

Adult stem Cells best choice for permanent lip Augmentation.

Your own fat is the best material for lip augmentation because it replenishes what is lacking in your lip… The reason for failure or poor results in the past was due to poor technique. Fat needs blood supply to survive. Adult stem cell technology gives an excellent option for permanent lip augmentation using your own adult stem cells and fat tissue. The stem cells in their regenerative process release several growth factors and cause angiogenesis (new capillary formation). The combination of Stem cells and fat thrive to create lips made of natural tissue as it is supposed to be. The technology is available now for clinical use.

Zain Kadri, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon

Fat Grafting for Lip Augmentation

Fat Grafting for lip augmentation is an excellent option and is NOT ABSORBED completely over time.  Over the years fat grafting techniques have evolved, with refinements in harvesting, injection, and preparation.  It is true that a portion of the fat that is injected will be reabsorbed, but with slight over correction, a lasting volume enhancement will be seen.  The addition of Platelet Rich Plasma to the fat that is injected will aid in volume retention via stimulation of stem cells in the fat.  When performed by a skilled surgeon who is very familiar with technique, fat grafting can provide lasting lip augmentation.